Brianna Quezada

Brianna Quezada

Sport: Women's Soccer

Year:   Sophomore

Major: Business Administration


Why I chose Brookdale: I came to Brookdale to save money. Going straight to a four-year school was too expensive because I would need to dorm.

Most memorable moment in my sport: My assist to Lauren Karabin in the Herkimer game at Nationals.

Favorite pump-up song: "Sweatpants" by Childish Gambino.

Favorite winter activity: I enjoy playing in the snow with my little sisters.

Favorite pre-game meal: Mac & Cheese with broccoli, chicken, mushrooms and bacon from the cafeteria.           

If I was on lip sync battle, I would battle (famous person) Cardi B and I would lip synch to (song) "Single Ladies" by Beyonce.